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Hydrenza is a skincare line created by EPH Biotech, Inc. that aims to reverse aging and dryness. Made by clean, non-synthetic ingredients, Hydrenza products contain a unique differentiating ingredient called XtremoplexTM, a combination of proteins, amino acids, and enzymes. 

During my Principles of UX course at Academy of Art University, I had the task of redesigning a website of my choice. I chose to redesign Hydrenza.com after stumbling upon the website by chance. Its outdated and scam-like look struck me and I saw good potential for a major UI/UX makeover. 

The website redesign was done over the course of 6 weeks with guidance from Professor Ryan Medeiros and feedback from my classmates. Thank you to everyone who shared with me their thoughts and suggestions.

Brand & Package Design

As I learned more about the brand, it stood out to me that the founders of Hydrenza were proud of the biotechnical advances utilized in its products. In particular, they highlighted the use of XtremoplexTM, a proprietory blend of enzymes and proteins made by their own bioreactors.

Knowing this, I wished to redesign the brand to highlight its scientific appeal with a minimalist, cool, and clean feeling. For the logo, I used a serif font with a symbol for a peptide on the side to better represent the company's value proposition.

Web Design

For the web design portion of this project, I worked on creating solutions for the following problems that I identified:

  1. Uninviting and impersonal purchasing experience

  2. Minimal trust built with consumer

  3. Unappealing brand concept with outdated visual design elements

After heuristic evaluations, competitive audits, user research, and multiple wireframe iterations, I designed the following desktop and mobile prototypes for Hydrenza's new website.

Web Design: The Process

A large part of the process in redesigning Hydrenza's website was dedicated to the research behind the product. One of my biggest challenges was that given Hydrenza is an obscure website, there is little data about the company and its audience. I had to dig a little deeper by looking at social media platforms and other related websites to piece together Hydrenza's story. 

One of the most valuable tools I learned from this entire process is the use of user testing. By asking for feedback from my target audience, I was able to obtain valuable insight that I determined best to integrate into my final project. Please scroll right to view the entire process here. Please also feel free to participate in the user task as outlined in the prototype.

Disclaimer: Links noted in presentation are only active in pdf version, which you can download here

Web Design: Original Website

Here are some example pages of the original website:

Web Design: Final Design Comps

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