Hi there, I'm sofia—a digital product designer, Visual artist, and a former dietitian who enjoys exploring all things creative, unknown, and deeply human.

My work balances playful ideation with careful execution to bring ideas to life.
I can:
Design end-to-end product experiences,
Create little illustrations,
Art direct initiatives,
Research your UX misfortunes,
Analyze your nutrition status,
And advise you on what to eat.
I hope to:
Design products that value
emotional, or
cognitive wellness,
Keep volunteering skills for social impact,
And always move in the direction of growth.
I would not like to:
Advise you on what to eat,
Unless you befriend me first :-)
Building equitable educational experiences
In-depth product research & redesign of account experience
Empowering women through art and philanthropy
A QR code menu solution to the COVID-19 pandemic for small restaurants
Feature proposal for Spotify
An underground NYC festival overground celebrating female and BIPOC artists
Biotech skincare line redesign
Feel free to contact me if you want to work together or say hi:
© Sofia Moon 2021