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“Mindset” by Carol Dweck is a book that dives into the psychology of why and how people succeed. She describes her theory of the two mindsets – the growth and the fixed mindsets – and how the difference they make in outcomes is powerful. She explains how practicing the growth mindset through something as simple as wording can have enormous impact on our ability to improve ourselves as human beings.

With this in mind, I created a new rendition of the book showcasing Carol Dweck’s words reflecting the growth mindset. I wanted people to feel the powerful strength and motivation that Dweck instills in her readers through posters and the book cover itself, and allow bystanders who might pass by this book at a shop or on the subway, to feel inspired and motivated to fulfill their potential.

I chose to use the Arachne typeface, courtesy of Leonhard Laupichler because I wanted to communicate strength and determination as shown by its sharp, pointy edges, yet also human imperfection as expressed through its playful strokes.

The Process

While reading Dweck's book, I was fascinated by everything I was learning about myself. I learned that I had a growth mindset towards certain aspects in life — namely in career aspirations and work-related goals — but had a fixed mindset in certain other parts of my life, such as personality.


The process of understanding the difference between the growth and fixed mindsets, identifying the areas where I exhibited a fixed mindset, and finally learning how to change mindsets was edifying. I tried to capture the core of my own learnings into this piece with the purpose of helping the audience arrive to a similar level of motivation I felt from reading the book. To view the process, please scroll through the images.


Final Takeaways

In retrospect, I would have liked to incorporate my initial idea of creating contrasting posters (fixed vs growth mindsets) to allow the audience to participate in identifying how much of a fixed or growth mindset they have. I would like to keep this in mind for future projects to give the viewer a more active, interactive role with my work. 

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