/ Self-Initiated Projects, 2017-2020

This page is a compilation of illustrations I have created on the topic of the female gender and the self. 


"Faces" is a series of illustrations depicting past emotions and thoughts. It all began with a simple prompt: design something that embodies the word "reflection", whatever it means to you. With this prompt, I made a self-portrait reflecting a side of myself that isn't obvious to most, showing how looks can deceive.

Since creating my self-portrait, I was hooked on the idea of depicting things that are unsaid or inconspicuous, or thoughts that permeate a girl's head yet are left unexpressed. For this purpose, I created a collection of faces that use the literal head space to express a feeling or thought, all with a straight face. 

Please feel free to hover over the images to view the title for each.


Fluidity of Mind + Body

Dead Inside

Two Birds

A commission piece for a friend who wanted to narrate the story of his parents. This is a narrative of two injured birds, healing together over time, and growing apart. 

The Gift

I once encountered the quote "Ce que le diable ne peut faire, la femme le peut", which translates to "that which the devil cannot do, the woman can". What can the woman do that the devil can't? The first thing that came to my mind was love — forgiving, unselfish love — a special power that I have felt many mothers exhibit towards their loved ones. 

"The Gift" is an illustrative and typographic narration of how the act of giving unrelenting love can lead to hurt and pain. I imagine this is something some women and some mothers have felt, and I hope they can relate to the procession of illustrations and colors below. 

Flora / Fauna

An illustration and animation on flora and fauna sharing the same core. 


Le Palais Bulles

Palais Bulles, built between 1975 and 1989, is a large palace located in Théoule-sur-Mer, near Cannes, France. It was designed by the architect Antti Lovag, who explains that "in his dreams, everything was to be round, smooth, and soft, helping bodies, ideas, and feelings to flow freely". Palais Bulles was later bought by fashion designer Pierre Cardin.

When I first saw pictures of the palace, I was immediately drawn to the use of curves to create a playful, joyful atmosphere. When I then learned about Lovag as a proponent of smooth, curved lines and an opponent of aggressive, straight lines, I thought about how strikingly complementary this is to the female body. Lovag's masterpiece appeared to me like an architectural manifestation of female curves and quirks. 

This poster series is an ode to Palais Bulle's dreamy architecture, use of light and shapes, and everything in between that it may represent.

Mother's Day

A mother's day gift for my artistic, hard-working, wonderful mother whose favorite artist is Gustav Klimt. Pictured below is my rendition of Klimt's "The Kiss", with the subjects being my sister, my mother, and myself, in that order.


 © Sofia Moon 2020 

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