Further Food

/ Graphic Design Intern for Further Food, 2015

/ Branding

/ Package Design

Further Food

Further Food is a food and wellness startup based in New York and San Francisco. I worked closely with the CEO of this startup to develop the packaging label for its new product now called "Further Collagen". This product is a dietary supplement designed to support bone, joint, and skin health. 

We first had in mind that the target market for this product would be mostly women in their late 30s to early 60s who would be interested in supplements that fight aging. Because the company was so new, we explored different branding concepts including product names and logo ideas throughout my design process with the label. 

Please view my proposed designs and iterations below.

Final Design

Although I was not able to create the final product, I was still happy to see that certain elements from my designs were utilized. Please find the finalized design that went into production on the right:

Unfortunately, I had to transition out of this role as the graphic designer due to academic commitments, and thus the packaging design was finalized by the designer who succeeded me.

Final Takeaways

Throughout this process of designing a packaging label, I was able to understand the scope of a packaging project and the countless of iterations it takes for it to come to fruition. The experience also taught me the importance of communicating expectations for myself and the client, especially in a situation where a quick iterative turnaround is involved. I am grateful for my supervisor and team who made it incredibly exciting to brainstorm, create, and revise quickly based on immediate feedback.

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