Dead Inside

/ Commission, 2019

/ Print Design & Collateral

/ Illustration

Dead Inside

"Dead Inside" is a piece for the times we mask how dead and empty we feel inside. This piece was commissioned by one of my friends, who had requested wall art with a "sad boy" look and feel.

The Process

My friend shared with me images of content he liked, which overall contained dark, self-deprecating yet humorous quotes. We discussed things he liked and things he found significant, and after several back and forths of images, quotes, and ideas, we decided on the theme of "dead inside". In his words, he wanted to express the concept of not being able to "feel anything inside anymore" and "lights are on but nobody's home". The brainstorming part was the most challenging part for me because I needed to understand and try to think with his mentality. 


Once we decided on the theme, I wanted to play with the idea of being alive but empty. I also wanted the words "dead inside" to be well integrated into the artwork, which is why I decided to intertwine the artwork in the typography. The word "dead" was elongated to create emphasis and express the feeling of being stretched, dragged along, and obtrusive. 

 © Sofia Moon 2020 

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