Cal Dining

/ Student Graphic Designer at Cal Dining, 2016-2017

/ Digital Signage

/ Print Design & Collateral

/ Branding & Marketing

Cal Dining

During my senior year of college, I worked as a Student Graphic Designer for Cal Dining, the dining commons at UC Berkeley. My role was to create advertising materials and signage for the multiple themed meals hosted throughout the school year. My work was then displayed on Cal Dining's website, social media, and digital screens across campus. Take a look at some samples of my work below.

Final Takeaways

I owe it to my experience at Cal Dining for teaching me how to set up my art boards, how to use the most out of the tools and photographs I have available, and how to best export images for web and print. 

When creating the images above, I was given the title of the event along with the date and location details. It was then completely up to my discretion to create material that would be well-received among college students and visitors. I would then see my designs on big digital screens only days after creating them, which gave me the opportunity to view how they looked in real life and reflect on areas for improvement. 

This was an experience where I witnessed myself grow progressively as I was able to spend quite some time refining my illustration and typography skills. I am eternally grateful for the guidance I received from my supervisor and the warm Cal Dining community for making my experience here memorable.

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