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Disclaimer: 503020 is not suitable for those who are on a restricted diet for medical purposes.

503020 is a fictional meal delivery company that aims to break the cycle of disordered eating at all levels.


The meals come with minimal labeling and push you to focus on the sensory experience. You won’t know what ingredients are included, how many grams of protein or fat it contains, whether it is organic, or gluten-free, or vegan, or anything else for that matter. The only thing you can be sure of is that its composition is, by the most scientific terms, considered ideal for human metabolism – 50% carbohydrate, 30% fat, 20% protein. It also contains 100% of the Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) of all vitamins and minerals.

503020 is nutritionally complete and it asks for you to have blind faith in them that they will nourish you the right way. In turn, it asks you for your feedback via a comment card for each meal and utilizes this feedback to make meals that are just right for your palate. At the very end of the subscription period, you will be revealed, if desired, with all the information about the foods you ate. You can then make a decision about which eating lifestyle you prefer to carry on – one with restrictions or one without. 503020 loves to feed you and hopes you enjoy the experience of eating for purely what it is.

The Process

Over the past several years of studying and practicing nutrition in Berkeley and San Francisco, I have started to question the attitudes and contentions about food and how it relates to our health. Drawing from personal experiences, I have noticed that our culture continues to push us to "take care of ourselves", one of the ways being nutrition and the dietary decisions we make.


Although I genuinely believe that leading a healthy lifestyle and diet is important, I believe this concept is often idealized to the extreme, to the point that several of us have unknowingly developed disordered eating patterns. Some of us have become so overly attentive about the ingredients, calories, or grams of fat we ingest, that it becomes a source of stress and anxiety. This project serves to question the role of food packaging in the cycle of disordered eating.

To view the process of my concept ideation, please scroll through the images.

Final Takeaways

I submitted this project to the package design challenge hosted by Lindsay Marsh, a graphic designer who provides online graphic design courses and facilitates a great community of budding designers. Out of 30+ submissions, my project won the "Best In Show Winner" title. Lindsay created a live video review of all the submissions. To listen to her full review of all submissions, please check out the following video. My submission review occurs on 1:04:00.

Reflecting back on the project, I would like to work more on the package design itself to meet realistic standards. For example, although the whole point of the concept is to leave out as much information about the meal as possible, it is still crucial to include food allergens for safety purposes. If I were to revisit this project, I would like to work on exploring the boundaries of this no-ingredient or nutrient information concept and the limitations brought on by food regulations.

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