Faces / 2018-2019

"Faces" is a series of illustrations depicting past emotions and thoughts. It all began with a simple prompt: design something that embodies the word "reflection", whatever it means to you. That past summer, I had visited Mexico City and had reconnected to places, people, and feelings that were once familiar to me as a child and teen, having lived there for thirteen years. Holding this close to heart, I created my very first "face", a somewhat cliché self portrait revealing my true self and where I come from. Since creating my self-portrait, I was hooked on the idea of depicting things that are unsaid or inconspicuous, or thoughts that don't leave one's head easily. For this purpose, I created a collection of faces that use the literal head space to express a feeling or thought, all with a straight face. 

"Reflection", the very first face illustration that started all others.

Irrational Girl

Back of Mind


Happy Birthday


Sour Bitch


Girl Tears

Mother's Day Edition: Connected At Heart

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