2019 Calendar 

One of my favorite things is a simple, analog calendar. I started making my own calendars in 2017 when I was in my dietetic internship and my schedule was hectic, to say the least. I needed something tangible— something I could take with me yet post up on my wall in front of my face, and digital calendars and reminders just didn't satisfy me. Though my first calendars were made for my own practical use, I started enjoying how it looked on my wall, almost like it was a decorative rather than a functional piece. In 2019, I knew I would be less busy and the way I would look at each day of the month would be different. Rather than just another day piled with countless of tasks, I wanted to look at the day in its entirety, and mark the completion of each day as a little celebration to myself. This led me to create the 2019 Calendar, a decorative calendar that gives closure to each day with bubbles that you can fill in.

This project serendipitously gained interest from friends and acquaintances and became available for purchase. Thank you to those who bought or showed interest in my calendar! The calendar is still available on my shop; both tape and clips provided upon purchase. 

 © Sofia Moon 2020 

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