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Illustrations and personal projects that mostly surround the themes of self, body, and emotion. I am interested in telling small stories with narrative illustrations, and communicating a feeling through the use of color, shapes, and motions. 


"Faces" is a series of illustrations depicting past emotions and thoughts. It all began with a simple prompt: design something that embodies the word "reflection", whatever it means to you. With this prompt, I made a self-portrait reflecting a side of myself that isn't obvious to most, showing how looks can deceive. Since creating my self-portrait, I was hooked on the idea of depicting things that are unsaid or inconspicuous, or thoughts that don't leave one's head easily. For this purpose, I created a collection of faces that use the literal head space to express a feeling or thought, all with a straight face. 


yellow girl series

This collection is a narrative illustration series of an emotional, sensible girl in love with her world and her sun.

The Sketches


01. Playing in the Sun: A girl's love for the sun and her translation of playing in the sun.

02. Catching Feelings: A girl catching feeling from her surroundings; so much so that it almost devours her.

03. Looking for You: A girl's fascination and desperate search for sun in midst of half-empty shells.


The Final Illustrations

01. Playing In the Sun

02. Looking for You

02. Catching Feelings



A two-part illustration celebrating the female body, stretch-marks and all.


mother's day

A mother's day gift for my artistic, hard-working, wonderful mother whose favorite artist is Gustav Klimt. 


flora / fauna

An illustration and animation on flora and fauna sharing one core.


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