2020 Calendar

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2020 Calendar

Continuing the tradition from my 2019 calendar, I decided to create a calendar for the upcoming year. 2019 for me was a year to work on myself, grow in my skills, and develop a better understanding of who I would like to become. 2020 will be a year where I will understand my role in society and how humans play a part in larger, interconnected systems. 

In the spirit of becoming individuals who are not only self-aware but also contributing members of society, the environment, and all things larger than ourselves, I created a calendar with each month representing a different system.

Systems by month:

1. Atmospheric system

2. Reproductive system

3. Solar system

4. Numerical system

5. Transit system

6. Ecosystem

7. Symbiotic system

8. Digestive system

9. Class system

10. Sustainable system

11. Buddy system

12. Chaos Theory: The Anti-System System

A sincere thank you to all friends and acquaintances who decided to support me by purchasing my work.

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