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Project Scientific Coat Initiative for Future Innovators (SCIFI) is a non-profit organization that aims to empower students with passions for higher education in science. In 2019, they launched an initiative to donate hands-on science resources to one school per month for all 12 months in a year. Along with this new initiative, they needed a website and visual identity that would encourage others to join in on their efforts through donations and partnerships. Keeping in mind that Project SCIFI works mostly with K-12 schools, I envisioned an identity that captured the playful, creative energy of school-age kids, yet one that still communicated professionalism for present and future potential partnerships.


I wanted to create a simple logo that could easily evoke the notion of science. Below are the logo ideas I initially brainstormed and presented to Project SCIFI. 

After some discussion and tweaking, Project SCIFI's team members and I narrowed it down to this final logo.


Given that the logo chosen by the team involved the visual task of distinguishing shapes from letters, I did not want to distract or crowd the logo any further. For my business card design, I tried to keep the front of the card minimal by placing the logo in the center and having at maximum one additional element.  I created the following versions as my initial proposals for the business card:

The final business card design voted upon by the team was:

Additional branding materials, including a letterhead for potential sponsors/partners and corresponding envelope:


After developing the logo, I created a manual to guide Project SCIFI board members in promoting a consistent image for the upcoming years in all forms of communication. This manual would be available for distribution among partners responsible for implementing any marketing on our behalf to ensure our organization's brand consistency.


As part of their 12-for-12 Initiative, Project SCIFI participated in the Clinton Global Initiative University's (CGI U) yearly meeting where students, university representatives, and topic experts come together to discuss and develop innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. Project SCIFI wanted a brochure that they could distribute to the audience and use to easily explain their initiative. With this task in mind, I created a brochure that broke down segments into the problem, Project SCIFI's solutions to the problem, and its pilot project. Once again, I wanted to highlight the themes of youth and science throughout my design.


Being the Head of Design for a non-profit organization with a great cause like Project SCIFI has been incredibly meaningful to me. Not only is it exciting to see all the great achievements of this organization, but it makes me happy to be able to contribute to how Project SCIFI is perceived to students, schools, and other larger educational institutions. My experience has taught me the importance of creating multiple iterations before selecting a final design along with the importance of transparency during any conversation with a client. This experience has also taught me a lot about myself and the expectations I should set for workload and timelines for completion. My role in the organization has given me the opportunity to explore a large breadth of design work, with Project SCIFI's website being next up in the works.

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